/eɪs / (say ays)

1. a single spot or mark on a card or die.
2. Cards a playing card marked with a single spot, in most games counting as highest, lowest, or either, in its suit.
3. Dice a die or the face of a die marked with a single spot.
4. (in tennis, badminton, etc.)
a. a legal serve which the opponent fails to touch.
b. the point thus scored.
5. a highly skilled person; an adept: *Grand Prix motorcycle ace Michael Doohan led the Australian charge in the opening practice session –west australian, 1991.
6. World War I a fighter pilot credited with shooting down a number of enemy aeroplanes, usually five or more.
7. Colloquial the anus.
8. Colloquial excellent; agreeable; first in quality; outstanding: *if you've got somewhere to go, don't let me hold you up. If you could just phone the NRMA for me when you get there, that'd be ace. –linda jaivin, 1999.
verb (t)
9. (in tennis, badminton, etc.) to serve an ace (def. 4a) to (an opponent): she's aced him twice in this game.
10. Colloquial to finish or complete successfully.
11. ace in the hole, a good manoeuvre, argument, etc., kept in reserve until needed. {Phrase Origin: from stud poker, in which the player holding the ace has a secret advantage}
12. ace it (up), Colloquial
a. to be quiet: ace it!
b. to stop it: I told him to ace it up.
13. ace up one's sleeve, a hidden advantage to be used when required. {Phrase Origin: from the cardsharping practice of hiding an ace in one's sleeve to be pulled out when needed}
14. on one's ace, Colloquial on one's own; alone.
15. within an ace of, Colloquial on the point of: *at one moment he had been within an ace of picking up his hat and stalking out. –henry handel richardson, 1917.
{Middle English as, from Old French, from Latin, supposedly from Greek dialect, variant of Greek heis one}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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